10 Reasons to buy Geo Power

1. Green from green.

Geo Power makes a clear case that using this green energy technology will save you serious greenbacks EVERY year. Payback time is sooner than you think!

2. Save time & hassle.

This affordable $20 book pulls everything together in one handy reference to save you research time and headaches.

3. Sensible & candid.

Using down-to-earth language and helpful illustrations, author Don Lloyd explains how GHPs work and all the various system options.

4. Science made simple.

Get a handle on the technology behind geothermal heat pumps and discover how they really do achieve super efficiencies.

5. Pros vs Cons.

Geo Power cuts through advertising hype so you'll have realistic expectations of the most reliable, non-polluting way of extracting free energy from the earth.

6. Insider advice.

Get good tips on finding & selecting a qualified contractor.

7. Pair it with solar.

Solar energy is a perfect match for a geothermal system. Learn how to generate your own electricity to run the heat pump and become more self-sufficient.

8. Get empowered.

Read about a number of Earth Smart Home profiles from around the country.

9. Generous supplementary info.

Geo Power includes a detailed appendix with additional know-how and resources

10. Need a job or career change?

An entire chapter is devoted to joining the geothermal industry.